Straight Jacket Escape - (LIVE STREAM)
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over-11 • 15 min

Pontus Lindman, known from Britains Got Talent, does his own version of another classic, which in this case will be The Worlds Most Dangerous Straight Jacket Escape. 80 meters below ground in an old mine, hung upside down, 12 meters above a freezing cold lake, suspended in a straight jacket with five petrol launchers aimed at him.

Now he's got the burn length of the black powder fuse to get out of the straight jacket, free himself and dive under water before the bombs and launchers explode.

Join us for the live stream on the 19th of June 2021 when Pontus will make his atempt of getting out of the jacket before the bombs explode.

In 2019 Pontus started the Worlds most dangerous series by performing The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick on BGT (Wath it here). His performance has been spread around the world and witnessed by hundres of millions of people. This is now the next step of doing the worlds most dangerous tricks.

Arranged in cooperation with

Smartsign AB

ICE Living Lab

Rolf Ericson Bil AB

Dataföreiningen i Dalarna

Columbus Global AB

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